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Feb 13 2012

The Start of Something

Is this the end or just the start of

Something really, really beautiful?

^This Voxtrot lyric is capturing my thoughts pretty well right now. I can’t believe that I have only three months left as an undergrad before I pack up and head to Atlanta for Institute and life as an elementary school teacher. While I had been interested in Teach for America in my junior year, the path to the application process and finally becoming a corps member has been anything but direct.

(Law School aspirations–> LSAT. Bad test taking circumstances/test anxiety–> cancel LSAT. Retake LSAT. Disappointed in results (complete perfectionist)–> THINK about why I want to be a lawyer. Confusion. Not sure (at all?!?). So much debt to not be sure…–> streamline original interest for law school (policy) with desire to change things seen in local school system (education)–> TFA application–> Take GRE and apply to ed. policy schools because the deadlines are BEFORE the TFA acceptance notification day (eughhh)–> wait–> wait some mo–> completely convince self nothing will work out–>  get accepted!!!–> breathe huge sigh of relief).

Like others on this site have said before, I read Teach for Us religiously during my decision to apply and throughout the waiting process. While it seems there is no way to know fully what you’re getting yourself into with this experience, I did appreciate the honesty I read here. I hope that my blog provides someone else with some insight they are looking for one day. I’m notoriously bad about keeping up with things like this, but I can’t help but feel like it will be nice to have my emotions and stories documented down the road to look back on.

While graduation from college does signify the end of some things I’d rather not let go of just yet, I’m ecstatic to get started with training and teaching. (Oh and terrified). But this commitment and decision to join the corps feels right. And that feeling, as evidenced by the crazy parenthesis train ^ of the past 8 months suggests, is something that I have to hold on to as I look toward the start of something with TFA.


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